Tips for Buyers

Searching for a home in South Orange County might feel overwhelming. The first step is to choose a location i.e. San Clemente, Dana Point, or San Juan Capistrano. Finding a home usually takes just a couple of days once you have narrowed down your choices.

All of your housing requirements fall into three categories:


PRICE questions include:

How much down payment do I need?
What are the closing costs?
What is the asking price of the house?
What are the homeowner fees?
Is there a Mello-Roos tax?
What would my monthly payment be?

Here are some typical LOCATION questions:

Is this a good neighborhood?
How long of a commute is it to my work?
How are the schools?
What is the climate (inland vs. coastal)?
How much land (city vs. rural)?

Then there are requirements about the HOUSE itself:

How many bedrooms and baths does it have?
How many square feet?
Is it one or two story?
Does it have the amenities I want (air conditioning, pool, etc.)?
When was the house built?

OK, now here’s the point you have to get firmly in your mind:

You can have any two categories you want, but you can’t have all three.

Sometimes when I hear what people want and for what price, I have to tell them it’s impossible! Something has to give, either the house or the location or the price.

You see, if money’s no object, you can have whatever house you want, wherever you want it.

But if you have a price limit, then you can say “This is the kind of house I want, and this price, now tell me where I can get it.”

Or, you can say “I want to live in this area because of (fill in the blank), now find me the best house you can for my price.”

When you can say one of those two statements, then you’re ready to go house hunting.

Once you decide whether the house or the location is most important, the search becomes very manageable. With our computers we can select the properties that match what you’re looking for, and most likely see them all in one day.

If you’d like to do some searching on your own, go to the Search For Homes link on the front page. This is a list of every house for sale by every broker, updated daily. Finally, call me at 949 370-3590 to go see some of the beautiful real estate in South Orange County!

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